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How To Be Positive & Avoid Negativity

I have always been a pretty positive person. Always happy. Always see the cup half full.

But then…Anxiety struck…Negativity is all around us… How do we avoid it? How do we keep a clear mind and keep that happiness we once had in our lives.




I really didn’t intend for this post to be labeled “Faith” or “Christian” by any means. But, honestly, I pray. I pray to God. I ask him for help to be happy again, to be the giddy Amy that I always was. Guess what? These past few days I have been happier and feel better overall. So thank you, God. Thank you for answering my prayers!

I think everyone has to believe in SOMETHING. Whether that be God/Creator, or whatever it is that you believe in, pray to that spiritual being. ASK for help. Ask them to help you & guide you to a more happier, more positive life in general.

Being happy. Who don’t want that?? Who doesn’t want to look negativity in the face and control it?




Negativity is EVERYWHERE. You hear negativity on social media like Facebook & Twitter (the biggest culprits FOR negativity in my humble opinion), the press & media (tv, news stations, newspapers, etc.). Even from friends & family. But YOU can control how it affects YOU.


But how? How can you control it when you have anxiety? How can you control it when it just seems like it is consuming you?


  • First of all, Pray.

Want some great motivational & inspirational bible verses?



  • Second is to get your mindset in the right place.

You have to think positive, you just HAVE to, if you want a more positive life.

My French teacher in High School one day told me “If you think positive, positive things will come”. I thought she was crazy. The next day we had a test. I thought ok, think positive amy. I passed that test with flying colors (where I was getting 70s and below for all the others when I didn’t implement this way of thinking).

Think positive and ask others for positive vibes!


  • Get up and move!

I have been more active and walking a lot more in the past few days and I can honestly tell you that mentally I feel so much clearer.

I am more happy, more focused, and I feel so much better overall.

Get on Pinterest and look up some workout ideas! This board on Pinterest has some great workout resources!



  • Get out of that comfort zone!

Ok, this was a big one for me.

My anxiety really limited me.

I would constantly stay in my comfort zone, yet I would feel like my anxiety defeated me because of it. Yesterday I went out of my comfort zone when I was walking and I felt empowered like I could walk for miles! I actually got a 1-mile walk in.


  • Have some great friends and family that are there to support you.

This one. This really helped me when my anxiety hit hard.

I have a very close spiritual friend who I talk to all the time (who has helped me through all my darkness with my anxiety in the past) and my husband. My husband is truly my best friend, that man has stood by me through all my hardships, through all my darkness. I am so blessed to have him!

If you have no one to reach out to, reach out to me! I will be there, I will listen. I know where you are, I have been there! Sometimes it’s easier to reach out to a stranger than someone you know.

There are also groups on Facebook that focus on helping people with anxiety and getting out of your comfort zone , if anything else you can request to join those!



  • Find your peace.

Just sit quietly for even 5 minutes can really help.

What I will do is sit in the grass outside and just listen to the birds, listen to nature all around me. It really helps me to relax.

Do what works for you! No matter what that may be, do it once a day.



  • As hard as it may be, get off of social media for a few days and see how you feel.

I took a 2-3 day hiatus from facebook and I really felt so much better.

I wasn’t seeing all the negative crap from news channels or seeing any negative things my friends would share. I’m all for awareness, but when your empath like me, everything you see affects you. Children being abused, people ending their lives, children being abducted, car wrecks, people on drugs, etc. I mean that crap is EVERYWHERE, and it’s sad. But I know I can’t control it, BUT I CAN control how much it affects me. The less I see it, the less it affects me. I can also control what I see online by unfollowing it so it won’t show up on my newsfeed.

Facebook was the main source where I have seen so much negative crap. Getting off of that platform for a few days really was a great thing for me.





I hope now that you see that you CAN control the negativity in your life.

You don’t have to let it consume you! You don’t have to let it wreck your life!

You are strong!


You are able to tackle this!! Get it, girl!!



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How do you avoid negativity in your life? Do you take a break from Facebook? Other social media sites?

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