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omg, you guys. I have some HUGE news.

So I was drinking this protein shake from a big brand. I had a lot of digestive issues with it in the beginning and then ended up not adding milk to it, not even almond milk because omg I would get cramps like you would NOT believe!

Then I found this other company. They have been in the natural product manufacturing business for over 30 years! BUT not very many know about them. I didn’t even know about them and im all about the green life!

I realized how much cheaper these shakes were AND how much better and healthier they are for me vs the ones I was drinking.

I started looking around the site and found SO many things. Skin care, beauty, nutrition, medicine, supplements, cleaning, laundry.

I saw I could enroll for $1 for the annual membership/preferred members! YES, $1!!! It is normally $19.  So I jumped on that as fast as I could! 


First off let me tell you what ALL preferred members get :

  • Lower prices, you will get a 30-50% discount!
  • Healthier products
  • super concentrated products, no more diluted laundry detergent!
  • $100 each month in loyalty dollars for your first 5 months to spend on products, just for watching a few videos!
  • Savings at 650+ online retailers
  • Access to Home Security, credit cards, ID theft protection, health care services and much more!
  • In your 6th month, you can earn up to 15% loyalty dollars each time you shop!

You do have to purchase 35 points per month to keep your membership active BUT let me say this, I EASILY spend that a month! I no longer buy the chemical filled, diluted laundry detergent in the store no more, I buy the concentrated version from this company that has real natural ingredients! The results I have seen are insane! It cleans SO MUCH better than what I was using!

I was watching a learn to earn video, and it said on there, a real lady that was doing a testimonial about the site said “these are items I would buy anyway but at a much cheaper price and so much better quality”. When I heard that I thought, yea right. I was wrong!! 

I spend upwards of $200 at DG a month. EASILY. detergent, snack bars, drinks, medicine, beauty, cleaning (omg, the money I spent on cleaning products ! ) NOW I am spending so much LESS and I’m getting eco-friendly products that ACTUALLY WORK! 

Seriously, guys, this is a game changer! 


A little review :

  • Natural ingredients in ALL their products
  • 30-50% discount
  • Savings at a ton of other online stores
  • buying products that I already normally buy  each month
  • $100 in FREE MONEY to spend for the first 5 months, EACH MONTH! Then 15% in FREE MONEY in your 6th month and beyond for whatever you shop for!
  • Creating a cleaner, healthier home for me and my family at a DISCOUNT??!!

It is TRULY a win-win situation here!


Want in a facebook group that shows REAL people who have bought the products and use them every day?  Email me to get the link, or contact me via any of my social links!

I want to help you live a happier, healthier, cleaner home and life !!

I would LOVE to enroll each and every one of you in this fabulous program (preferred membership). It is only $1 in the month of June!!

For more details or any questions at all please feel free to get a hold of me! Id love to answer any and all questions you may have! Here’s to living a healthier life!!

Email me at the address below or just leave a comment with your email address and I will get in touch with you!

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