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Protein Shakes – Why I Switched

As most of you know, I was drinking shakes daily from a well-known company.

At first, I had a lot of issues (digestively) with it. I couldn’t drink the regular versions because I was getting cramps, then I added milk like a lot of people I know did, and the cramps and the pain intensified.

I then decided to switch to the vegan version, I was still having a lot of digestive issues with drinking it. I decided to stop putting a banana and milk in it. Those were the culprits. I switched to only drinking it with water and peanut butter. That did help. it took a while for my body to get used to it, and my taste buds! It was so chalky but I drank it.

I figured it would help me lose weight, at least a few lbs a month. That just did not happen.  Not with me anyway. I never lost a lb on it, even though I was exercising at least 3 times a week, drinking water, changed my eating habits, etc.

I was spending so much money on them to help me lose weight, although it kept me full, it just was not helping me lose any of this weight.


I partnered with this company who makes all natural products, well they make them and sell them. I was paying A LOT of money each month to buy the previous shake. I was looking on this other site and see that their shakes looked a lot better, had great reviews, and they also were SO MUCH CHEAPER! win-win-win! triple win! 

In a Facebook group,  where real people buy the products and use them daily, I saw so many people raving about these shakes. I finally bought some. I enrolled as a preferred member because the discounts you get on all their items PLUS all the added bonuses you get each month ($100 from the company to spend on products they make and sell), I couldn’t go wrong!

You can see my post HERE about the benefits of being a preferred customer.

I am so excited to try these shakes! They are a meal replacement like my old ones were. They are specifically designed to help people like me lose weight (whereas I wasn’t losing anything on the ones I was drinking, and I was working out daily). I have seen some amazing results because of these newer shakes. Results within months! not years! PLUS you have a 100% GUARANTEE! 

The thing about this shake is they have their own clinical study on it!


In a 56 day study, they discovered that people had more energy, less fatigue, and reduced appetite.

It was also found to slow the absorption of high glycemic foods and promote proper carb metabolism.

5% reduction in blood sugar spikes! That is awesome right?

Even if you think you aren’t pre-diabetic, over 1/3 of Americans are in the pre-diabetic range! Unfortunately, I think I am part of that 1/3, weight wise I am considered overweight. Man, that’s hard to say! I have never been overweight my entire life.

It also supports balanced glucose uptake and metabolism.

Meal replacement shake



FYI, I am a big skeptic! My previous shake was the ONLY thing I trusted to try to help me lose weight, as far as taking anything for it. People I trusted used it, therefore I trusted them to know what they were talking about when they had asked me to try it. I tried it, and it just wasn’t for me. Maybe this isn’t the thing for you, but then again MAYBE IT IS. 

One of my friends told me about this company that I have now partnered with. I have tried several of their products and I just love them! I trust the ingredients in these items because I did my own research, and enlisted the help of other professionals.

The things I was buying in the store were definitely NOT healthy for me and this IS.

I REFUSE to take any “diet pills”. I never have and probably never will. The studies done on this companies products are pretty amazing though. I can’t say I will NEVER try their supplements because seriously, the ingredients and the reviews from real people are insane! I was always yelling at my mother for taking those 5-hour energy shots, and all the diet pills she invested in. I am so happy she switched to our company because I actually TRUST the products they produce. I can not say that about any other company!

Now, I never had issues with my blood sugar, although I did had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant with my last child. My gynecologist had told me chances were someone in my family WAS diabetic, I had no idea who it could be, and that I have a higher chance of developing diabetes as an adult. My mother in law DOES have diabetes, she doesn’t have to take insulin though, just has sugar pills to take to help manage it. I later found it that my dad’s sister has diabetes.

So, for me, this shake makes so much sense! It will help me lose this extra weight, more natural ingredients than my previous version, a lot more affordable, plus there are so many flavors! My other shake I only had 2 options, chocolate, and vanilla. Having only 2 options was fine with me because I liked them both, but having more options now with a healthier version makes it easy to say yes! Anything that will help me to NOT get diabetes, later on, is something I am definitely going to want in my life!


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Do you have issues losing weight? Have you tried so many other things and nothing seems to be working? Do you want a more natural and healthier way to lose that weight? My goal in life is to help as many as I can live a better, healthier life! If this is something you feel you could really use in your life, or maybe your mother, father, in-laws, cousins, friends, siblings could use this I would love to reach out to them and help them get control again.




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