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Truly Natural Products That Changed My Life!

I haven’t posted anything in what seems like forever!

Let me explain…

I have been so so busy with my new business it’s been a such a crazy ride but I LOVE IT! 

Helping other’s live healthier lives, accomplish their goals financially and physically, have safer products in their home. It really is such a win-win!

I have always been a proud advocate of living a greener life, so when I found this company I was extremely excited.

When I was first approached by a good friend about this company, I thought “ok, sounds good. All natural, safer products than what I was using. I’ll give it a go. ”

I went in being super skeptical about if the products would work, I knew I loved the promotions and the pricing! Also, the fact that I could swap out all of my old products with these safer and healthier products was something that I knew I wanted to do for my children and my family.

Guys these products are a life changer!! 

Let me tell you a story…

I was cleaning one day with these products because I actually LOVE to clean now (natural products do that to a gal lol). Well, my 2-year-old got into my Fabric Freshener, my first thought was “oh crap! is she ok?” Then I thought “WAIT! no safety caps, no need to freak out” All of their products are plant based so I didn’t have to worry about it harming her! I was in tears! The fact that NONE of my children can be harmed by any of these products, like that means SO much to me. That alone was a big force in the reason WHY I choose to order this safer home pack.

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I  LOVE their cleaning products! I bought their safer home package because I got over $200 worth of products for only $99! I bought it a month ago and I STILL have tons of product left! I was going through a bottle of laundry detergent a week from the dg. The stuff I was using had chemicals in it that I didn’t even know about!

Just look at this!

dangerous chemicals in everyday cleaning products

I always assumed that things like dawn, or tide were safe. Then I realized that all the chemicals in my everyday cleaning products could do so much more damage than I was aware of. How scary is that?? 

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I don’t want NO products in my home that will increase the chances of cancer (it already runs in my family), digestive system damage, asthma, vision damage, etc. My children’s health is so very important to me, as is my own. By ditching these chemicals and toxins I am protecting them so much more!


Tide dangers

Really??!! This blew me away! I could not believe it! once you do your research on the everyday items that everyone uses, you begin to see how dangerous they really are!

I did look into our company before I made any decisions. One thing that really stood out was NO NEED for safety caps! That is huge right! THEN if you look at the product label on the detergent “Made with plant derived ingredients” What??! Yes! PLANT DERIVED INGREDIENTS. Where have you been all my life??!!

I was skeptical, like, “is this really going to clean as good as my other detergent?” , guys it does and even better! It not only cleans better, you only use HALF AN OZ!!! How crazy is that??!!

Most of the detergent or any cleaning products you find in the store are MOSTLY WATER!! This companies products have NO WATER ADDED! Matter of fact, when you order any cleaning products from them, you get a fully concentrated bottle of the cleaning product, and you only add 2 tbsp of the actual product to a spray bottle (which IS INCLUDED when you get the safer home pack). Does it work? HECK YES!!! I used to sit and scrub and scrub my stove top, not no more! My shower was such a pain in the ass to clean, NOT NO MORE! 🙂 Seriously guys this is a life changer! Especially for all you mom’s and stay at home parents.

Healthy products don’t have to be hard on the wallet!

Besides all of their great products they carry, over 400!! Besides all that greatness they give you $100 to spend on their products!! How cool is that?? I don’t know any other company that will allow you to do that!

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AND right now until July 18, you can come in at $1 for the ANNUAL membership so you can get the best deal possible on all their products! You literally save up to 50% off by becoming a preferred member ( once you enroll for the annual membership you are automatically a preferred member).


Want to make a little extra or a substantial income? You can EASILY do that with this company! NO SELLING! This is NOT an MLM/Pyramid Scheme company!  All you have to do is refer your friends and family to the company and get them enrolled for the $1 annual membership. If you enroll just 8 people you become a Director and you get CASH BONUSES for hitting statuses when you are with this company! (Director, Director 2, etc.) If you hit Director in your first 2 months you will get $500 BONUS!! WHAT??!! Yes!!! 

That doesn’t include any bonuses that my coaches are offering as well!

Want to know more? Leave me a comment, or simply send me an email!
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Seriously guys! This is the BEST opportunity to get a safer & healthier home and body, make some extra income to pay off that pesky bill, or even to take the kids on a weekend getaway! Not to mention how much value you will be adding to other’s lives. That to me is the greatest thing about this company. I get to help people! 

I find so much joy in just helping other’s reach their goals, living a healthier life, and making them happy! My company feels the same way and always gives back to their customers and directors and above!

All the products are so so affordable PLUS you get cash to spend just for watching a few videos! I am SO EXCITED about this company and I truly believe in them and believe I can help YOU live healthier, reach your goals, and add so much value to your life!!

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Do you want to live a healthier life? Do you need more energy? Do you need more money (who doesn’t want more money in their life!?) What about being able to toss all your old cleaning supplies with AFFORDABLE, SAFER ones?! Discounts all around ! Let me help you do all that and more!!

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