Blogging Essentials – What Do You Need?

Starting and launching a blog can really be overwhelming! I know when I was in the planning stages of opening this blog I was so overwhelmed! What do I need? What tools should I be using? What essentials should I be using ?

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Here you will find some of my top blogging essentials!



I did a lot of looking around for some great hosting that was affordable. I absolutely LOVE Bluehost.

Their customer service is amazing, they are always having some great deals plus the packages just cant be beat!



I LOVE Evernote! I initially started using it for my genealogy research , then I started using it for basic everyday notes.

When I started my blog I deicided to start using it for keeping track of everything blog related , post ideas, freebies, etc. It has helped me so much!



I can remember when WordPress first came out. I was using Xynga. Do you remember those days?? That’s when i really got into coding and designing websites.

Then WordPress came out. It seemed difficult. I tried for a month or so and gave up on it lol. All the different coding confused me. I slowly lost interest in coding. Although I still have a secret love for coding!

When I think of a blogging platform I automatically think “WordPress”. is the way to go if you want to make money from your blog.

There are some great free themes as well from!



I don’t know what I would do with Google Analytics! It is great for tracking your visitors, the behavior of your visitors, and find out where they are coming from.



This essential has really improved my blog interaction! There are a TON of great tribes that fit into any niche!

My visitor count has really increased after using Tailwind!


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There you have it! My short basic list of blogging essentials! What essentials do you use for your blog? Do you use any of the those that I listed above? Have they helped your blog?

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