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Natural Cleaning – Affordable & Filled With Perks!

I have always been a huge advocate for natural products. When I was approached by a friend to this all natural company I was skeptical but intrigued.

I saw the research that was done on the products, plus the 100% satisfaction guarantee, so I thought ok I’ll try it.

I wanted to share some facts with you guys about some cleaning products that are out on the market today, ones that I was using.

  • When you buy products in the store they are 63% water! There are no concentrated products out there.
  • They are full of harmful chemicals that harm you and your family.
  • Bleach can’t remove soap scum or limescale – instead it destroys molecules ability to reflect light
  • More people are killed by Chlorine Bleach each year than those who died from scorpion bites, spider bites and bee stings combined.
  • most cleaning products have ammonia, phosphates, abrasives, formaldehyde and childproof caps because of the harmful ingredients.
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Now let me tell you about a safer alternative that will be safer for you and your family, safer for the environment, and will save you a TON of money!

There is this part of the line of cleaning products that my company manufactures AND sells directly to its customers.


The Tub & Tile Cleaner is AMAZING guys!! It has removed soap scum and limescale off my shower stall and my entire bathroom 10x better than the store brand ever has, plus my hands are NOT sore after I was done. HUGE PLUS!! My fingers would be so dang sore, before, not no more! Plus it’s not fume-y like all the other brands are because it’s ALL NATURAL. 

Let me tell you how our Tub & Tile Cleaner works – Citrus Acid removes and isolates the calcium minerals and turns soap scum into fatty acids. The Lipophilic solvents and surfactants penetrate and break down the fatty acids and the soap scum is COMPLETELY washed away!

ONE bottle of our cleaner makes 6 bottles of the other brands. Ours costs $5.69,  for the brand Lime A Way for 6 bottles is $23.94!! That’s a huge amount of savings, not to mention how much safer it is for you and your family, the enviroment, and your home!


Why so many people switch to our company

  • Natural Solutions THAT WORK!
  • Straightforward ingredient list that tells you what’s inside
  • Environmentally responsible ingredients
  • Safely calls out quickly to identify the lack of harmful ingredients
  • Most are 4x, 6x, 12x concentrated
  • Concentrated products means less fuel spent in transportation and less plastic and water wasted
  • Since 1985 customers have saved 288 MILLION lbs of plastic, 42 MILLION gallons of gasoline, & 47 MILLION lbs of greenhouse gases.
  • You DONT have to resort to harsh chemicals that are harmful to your health and the health of your family
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The Savings

  • You will be saving SO much money by switching to this all natural company vs buying the brands in stores
  • There are so many coupons and discounts for our preferred members when you shop with us
  • You are able to earn $100 to spend on our products to help you save even more, all you have to do is watch a few videos!
  • They reward their customers for referring others to their company. This month I scored a fitness bundle!! SCORE!!
$100 free to spend in our store by watching a few videos??! Heck yes!! Click To Tweet

Seriously, guys, I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing this!!


Would you buy from an all natural store if you were offered $100 free cash to spend with them, promotions and discounts for being a preferred member, being rewarded for referring friends and family??






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3 thoughts on “Natural Cleaning – Affordable & Filled With Perks!

  1. Very helpful tips. I’m always trying to make sure I’m using the right products in my home. Especially, since I have a child. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome! I just love the products! I am so glad I switched. I love cleaning now lol! Because I know I wont be around chemicals and fumes. Exactly! Having the kids in my home and knowing that IF they did accidently drink or spray it in their mouth that it wont hurt them! That was a huge game changer for me!

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