20 Side Hustles You Can Do Today!

Side hustling is a great way to make some extra money to add to your income.

Living paycheck to paycheck SUCKS! I know, i have been there many, many, MANY times. I am so thankful that we are in a better place financially now than we used to be. My husband’s work has gotten better and I started working for an all natural wellness company that helps families convert their homes into a chemical free home, you can read more about how it’s working for me HERE.

I started thinking, ok, there are a lot of things that anyone can do to make a little extra money. Stay at home parents, self employed , and employed adults can easily add extra income by doing a few side hustles.


  1. refer members to save on everyday items (this has given me a REALLY good amount of STEADY income each month ! You can contact me through my ABOUT PAGE). No need to buy anything they don’t already buy anyways! It’s a trusted company where your income is never limited!
  2. Babysitting – This is especially great for stay at home moms or summer jobs for teens!
  3. Survey sites – Opinion Outpost is a really good one!
  4. Apps – I use android based apps like – Big Time (play games to win money), Make Money, Spin To Win, & Perk Rewards,etc.
  5. Mowing Grass – my husband actually does this on the weekend for the camp owner, he don’t get much, but if we ever need firewood or anything we can go and get some.
  6. Selling clothes or items on yardsale sites on Facebook, Let Go, or Craigslist. – I have done this a few times.
  7. Sell your arts and crafts (crochet, art, knitting) on Yardsale sites, Let Go, Craigslist or even Etsy.  – I used to sell on Etsy 🙂
  8. Work on a farm – very hard work, but very rewarding if your into rural settings.
  9. Working for your township doing maintenance – my husband did this while in high school, and our oldest will be doing this next summer.
  10. Working for companies like Avon, Scentsy, Lu Laroe, etc. – a lot of people have had great success in MLM companies.
  11. Writing on sites like BlogMutt. – This is one I would love to try but haven’t yet, i know quite a few people who have done this with great success.
  12. Write an ebook – these are so popular in the digital age arent they?
  13. Offer a service  – This one has SO many options – I’m a photographer, so i offer that service to my clients, any service that you can think of that you would like to do you can offer. Maybe your good at playing guitar, why not teach others to play? Maybe you are good at organization, why not offer organization services to mothers?
  14. Clean for homes and businesses – Two of my friends do this and are very successful!
  15. Work as a personal care aide – My mother in law and my brother in law’s wife used to do this and they made good money while helping the elderly.
  16. Building Websites – Something I used to do in my spare time, before WordPress was all the rage lol.
  17. Car Flipping – You can buy a car and fix it up and resell it and get a great profit! Or even fix up an old car you may have and resell it!
  18. Resume Writing Service – A lot of people want this service!
  19. Graphic Design – I used to do graphic design, I dabble in it every now and then. I took 3 years in college for it, decided it’s not what I wanted to spend thousands of dollars  in school for because photography was my real passion.
  20. Sell on Ebay – I have sold a few things on ebay.
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