3 Things You Can Do To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

As anyone who starts a blog knows, growing your following is super important. It was something that I really struggled with in the very beginning. It is something that I even still struggle with at times.

As with anything, there are lessons you learn when blogging. Especially in terms of what drives readers, what helps them engage, etc.

Some of my first post’s seemed so dang, boring lol.

I initially started this blog to have a place to air my feeling, rant, and rave about the chaos of my everyday life. Because let’s face it, it gets ridiculous lol. 

My first blog EVER was on Xanga. Back when I loved coding and graphic design. I mainly used that to just talking about my life etc. It seemed like this was a life time ago, some 8 or 9 years ago now. But I seriously LOVED Xanga!

Then this year I had an idea, actually 3 until I finally settled on this one.

Here are some tips that I have learned in my progress with this blog.


Knowing what you want to accomplish with your blog helps SO much. I had no idea when I started. I did some soul searching and figured out what I wanted my focus to be.

You CAN start a blog without any certain niche, BUT, I found that if I had a focus, my blog seemed much more organized and my readers increased. Because they knew what was going to be offered and talked about on my blog without guessing.

Start by writing down some things that are important to you, things you are passionate about.

  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What do your friends and family ask you the most about?
  • What makes you the happiest?

By knowing what you want your blog focus to be will help you figure out who your readers are which will ultimately help you know what topics you should be writing.


I didn’t realize the importance of creating social media accounts for my blog. I read how it has helped other bloggers, but figured they had more reach and more friends than I did.

Creating social media accounts on all platforms that you use will help you greatly! Make sure you sign up for a business account on all platforms you can so you can get some analyzation stats on those accounts.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin 

Invite your friends and family to your facebook pages and link your other social media accounts to these as well! They will be the ones that will really interact with you and your new blog and drive other readers as well.

Sharing your blog posts on your personal Facebook page will help drive readers too, some might not know about your FB blog business page, getting your content out there to them on your personal page!

Be active as well at least 2 x a week or more on all these accounts will help a great deal. Follow others that are in a similar genre as you, such as parenting, moms, freelancers, crocheters, etc.



What’s all the hype with Tailwind? I had no idea how much it would help my Pinterest engagement until I started using it.

There are so many tribes on Tailwind that you can join up to that will increase your traffic, A LOT! My traffic has increased so much because of Tailwind. I just love it!

There are tribes for certain niches like blogging, mom blogs, finances, etc. Then there are some that do not require you to fall into a certain niche.


By doing these 3 things I am confident that you will increase your blog traffic!

This is assuming you are writing great content and giving your readers what they want/need!

Want some ideas for blog post ideas?

What about some blogging essentials that I can’t live without?


Go get it, girl! (or boy)!

What is something that you have found that increase your blog traffic? I would love to hear what has helped you!




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