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Calming the Overactive Mind

Have you ever found yourself laying in bed at night, mind just going 100 miles per hour? You know, things that you wished you would have done during the day, things that you want to get done tomorrow?

I should have done that load of laundry instead of working on my blog.

I should have worked out this morning instead of getting on my phone.

I got 3 loads of laundry to do tomorrow, add a new blog post, work on promoting my blog more on social media, and work more on the e-book.

Then you just can’t get your mind to STOP!

My sleeping schedule has been so out of whack lately. I’ll go back to bed at 2 am (which is WAY too late), then I will lie awake reading for 30 min. As I lay my head down to fall asleep I just can’t get my MIND TO STOP RUNNING! It is so frustrating.

Last night, at midnight, I shut my laptop and told myself ok “GO TO BED” so I did. But I just could not get my mind to stop racing. Thoughts of things I wanted to do that day, what to do next day, stressful situations associated with my husband’s job, and how I was going to help him, etc. So many things running through my head.


But I found some things that have really helped me and maybe they will help you too!





First thing I do is just breathe. In through your nose and out through your mouth. This allows your body (and your mind) to just relax. After your mind and body are allowed to relax, you just might be able to let all those thoughts go. 



Everyone has a “happy place” right? I found mine when I was 18. I was doing some astral travel with my mentor. Let me paint you a picture.

It’s a beautiful place. It has a flowing stream of healing water running over river stones. There is a pool of water to the left of the stream that I often imagine myself soaking in to help me relax. There are also beautiful rolling hills of bright green grass dotted with flowers throughout to the right of the stream.



There is this app that I use every night called Relaxio. It’s an Android app, I haven’t been able to find it on IOS though. I absolutely LOVE this app! I usually put it on the storm (rain hitting a window) and the river/stream setting. You can mix and match for a custom sound which I love. Rain hitting a window and river/stream sounds is so relaxing and usually puts me right to sleep!



In the words of Frozen “LET IT GO”

Image result for let it go meme


Seriously. I did this last night and I felt better and could let my mind just STOP. I said to myself “Ok, just let it go. Let it all go.” I then imagined my head was full of NOTHING, no worries, no fears, no what ifs, etc. Talk about MAJOR zen relief!

& Since I’m all about that crystal life I have to throw in a few crystals that are oh so helpful!


BLUE LACE AGATE – such a WONDERFUL stone for anyone who deals with anxiety or an overactive mind. This stone is very calming with the color of the ocean waves, it promotes inner calm. Saying ” I wish to let my mind just be” while holding this, will amplify that energy so you can be at peace in your mind.


TURQUOISE – another wonderful calming stone. Turquoise will help balance your emotions and relieves anxieties and fears. It has been used for many years as a protection stone. Use Turquoise to find peace in your mind, body, and spirit.


AMETHYST – This stone has been my saving grace in times of severe anxiety. It will help bring you into a state of calm and is very beneficial for anyone dealing with anxiety, fear, insecurities, etc. Need to recenter yourself? This stone is perfect for that!


FYI: Adding a Clear Quartz to any of these will intensify the effect!


What kind of things do you do when you feel anxiety/panic attacks coming on? What about when you just can’t sleep at night?



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