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Crystal Healing – Top 5 Crystals for Beginner’s

Have you ever heard of Crystal Healing? It goes back thousands of years, actually!

I won’t get into the history of crystal healing in this post, but I definitely plan on doing a post on the historical side of this alternative medicine.

I started to create a Guide for Crystal Healing (That will be released within a week!), so it inspired this post.


Rewind 13 years ago, I met this lady, during a very dark time in my life (I won’t bore you with the all details right now lol). But I started my spiritual journey then and what an amazing journey it has been!

I never thought a stone could help me so much,  or anyone for that matter. I always knew I was a healer of some sort but didn’t really realize it until I started working with my crystals.

You see, I have always battled anxiety, and still do, thankfully it is not as bad as it used to be. I 100% believe the use of my crystals has helped me greatly in all aspects of my life.



Now on to the main event!


What are the best crystals to start out with?



crystal healing for beginners


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These are the top crystals that I recommend for ANYONE starting out with crystal healing.



A VERY powerful stone. Clear Quartz amplifies the healing properties of other stones, cleanses other stones & helps balance the chakras. When I first got started with crystal healing I was gifted a Clear Quartz by my mentor.



This stone has been my saving grace. It is great for anxiety or depression. Amethyst removes negativity and helps with clairvoyance, past life regression’s, spiritual growth, spiritual protection, inner strength, and mental clarity. This was another stone gifted to me by my mentor. I instantly fell in love with it!



All of these are great grounding stones. I actually have all 3 in my crystal collection and I use them often. I currently end up using my Black Obsidian the most to help balance me out.

BLACK OBSIDIAN – Helps with grounding, protection, removing negativity, sharpens focus, and enhances stability

TIGER’S EYE – Great for grounding, stability, self-confidence, and luck.

BLACK ONYX – An ideal stone for grounding, protection, removes negativity, enhances emotional well-being, and stamina.



Rose quartz helps to connect me with my true inner self. I love the energy I feel off my quartz, it’s so soothing. This crystal is great for tranquility, matters of the heart, protection, anxiety, positive self-affirmation, unconditional love, soothing, lower’s stress, and self-discipline.



If you want a good stone that just screams positivity this is it! It enhances happiness, abundance, achieving your goals, wealth, creativity, and positive energy. Citrine also helps with mood swings, cleansing chakras, and promotes success.




Like I said earlier, I am putting together a great resource for you all, an Ultimate Guide that will go over so many things so you can be sure you are using your crystals properly and what ones you would want or need to help you in your life. I can’t wait to release it!

How to care for your crystals

Do you practice crystal healing? What stone’s are your favorite? I’d love to hear about your experience’s with your own stones!





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    1. Thanks so much Dee! Citrine is such a great stone, full of prosperity and luck. I can not be angry or upset when I hold mine or even look at it. I can’t wait to get the guide done, I’m so excited about releasing it!

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